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Re: Emphasis (or an excuse to display my lang)

From:Matthew Kehrt <matrix14@...>
Date:Sunday, December 19, 1999, 4:08
> > I *love* that! But... (there's always a but)... it doesn't seem > very naturalistic. Unless Eviendadil is not a human language, or > is con-constructed or something like that. Anyway this system is > so neat that you can leave naturality aside and blinking in > amazement for a while.
Wow, thanks. I guess you're sort of right; oh well, I'll work on it.
> > Adjectives and adverbs can also be emphisized by conjugating (or > > whatever) only them. > > Hmm... how do you decline them?
Adjectives are changed to reflect number and sometimes gender, if the gender makes a difference. For example, aren, which means new is the same for man and woman: Danen Aren, Dana Aren However, beautiful, which means different things for man and women, is changed: Danen Elenden, Dana Elenda However, a women who is "handsome" would be: Dana Elenden Thanks again for you enthusiastic reply! :-) Saran edorir, Matthew -- Dän, ë sarán edorir! Eish! Álarï ä! Jux Bet! Visit now! Donate food to feed the hungry. Its free and it takes only a few seconds!