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Re: Numbers from your conlangs (by:Estel Telcontar)

From:Estel Telcontar <estel_telcontar@...>
Date:Thursday, February 5, 2004, 1:31
Well, Janko's request for my numbers has finally prompted me to invent
them.  (I only had 1-4 in Ikanirae Seru before)

Janko, if you make a website with all the numbers you collect, please
tell me so I can see it.
Ikanirae Seru:
1: kea
2: noa
3: teka
4: sima
5: nasi
6: tosa
7: ono
8: kamo
9: rote
10: rikea

taldamgal  (formerly known as "Old Starrish")
(In this language, the consonants carry all the lexical and grammatical
meaning of the word, and vowels just add flavour.  I list the
consonantal form of the word, with the different consonants separated
by periods, followed by the citation form, with a template vowel
pattern.  The number system is base 12.)

c = [k]; h is not pronounced, but affects the pronunciation of a
preceding consonant.

1:  r.d   [rad]
2:  c.p   [cap]
3:  d.l   [dal]
4:  p.c   [pac]
5:  n.p   [nap]
6:  s.n   [san]
7:  t.n   [tan]
8:  s.r.n [saran]
9:  h.m.r [amar]
10: n.m   [nam]
11: l.t   [lat]
12: w.s   [was]

"Looner spanguage" (my nickname for my new crazy language till I get a
real name for it.)

S should be s-hacek in romanization
T should be thorn in romanization
L should be lambda in romanization

1: yem
2: loma
3: kron
4: raS
5: fleT
6: apLo
7: eoxa
8: keSi
9: plaso
10: noT

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