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I'm back, also programming in Klingon

From:Elyse Grasso <emgrasso@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 11, 2003, 19:10
I've been quiet lately because Real Life (tm) had gotten so busy, and
then I spent a bit over a week on a Geek Cruise to Hawaii and Kiribati
(where they reportedly speak Gilbertese, though most of them can manage
'one dollar' in English when you ask them "How much?")

A Geek Cruise is a combined cruise and technical conference. Mine was on
the Perl programming language. It included a talk on programming the
game of life (cellular automata) in a Klingon variant of the perl
language, so I suppose it also has to be counted as a conlang
conference. If you know perl (and Klingon) Damian Conway's module for
Klingon programming uses some of the same infrastructure that supports
Lingua::Romana::Perligata, his Latin perl programming module.
Lingua::tlhIngan::yIghun will be on CPAN shortly, if it is not already

My souvenirs from Hawaii (mostly books) included a compact Hawai'ian
dictionary and a serious book on Hawaiian grammar.

There were more than 1450 emails for this list waiting for me whan I got
back to check my email. Catching up will take a little while.
Elyse Grasso

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