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Re: CHAT: Hello

From:Tim Judge, Erion Telepalda <judget@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 0:35
Patrick Dunn wrote
>Francais ne me plais. Je pense qu'elle est -- shit, how do you say >"ugly"? Eh, nevermind. Tried to pick up French for my Ph.D., decided to >become a medievalist in earnest, switched to Latin. > >I like the sound of your language, what little bit I hear. Got a sample? >I could go for a translation exercise, if it's short. :) I like your >daring of using English roots. > >Oh, incidently, I *almost* have Midd Englisc done, by which I mean I have >tentative declensions, articles, and pronouns.
Well heres a sample: "Xolin, hon Kondalrim gitarim, Hi mellonent goneshent enngetchal, eq i Betbraxiarrim tang." raqa i nan venador. "Xolin, hon Kondalrim (rim-plural sufix for speaking beings) giltarim, he mellonent (mellon-fist person presant "to be", ent-past participal) goneshent (ent-past participal) enngetchal (enngetchal is in the prepositional case en-in/at), eq (infinitive "to speak/to talk) Betbraxitarrim (Betbraxitarin is in the prepositional case bet-about) tang." raqa (non inflected verb used to indicate a qoute) i nan venador. "Magistrates, my Kondalrim brothers, I have come in friendship, to speak about the Braxitarin threat." said the human senator. (This qoute is from the records of the Cabinet of Kondrim Magistrates. It was spoken by arepresentative of the Human Senate.) Bírhrhalin is the language of the human colonists on the planet of Bírhrhal (bee[long unvoiced "r"]al). They came to the planet speaking English but after thousands of years of zero contact with earth (which has actualy been deystroyed) and inflouence of the Kondalrim (an ailen race native to Bírhrhal) it's grammar has changed a great deal as will as most of the words. The language regained a second person singular pronoun, a new noun case (prepositional), regenderized sevral words, and also changed it's whole verb sytem a great deal. When I started working on the language it was a priori that I was doing for no particular intrest and with no background. However eventualy I decided to make up a world for it. Later I decided that the original colonists were English speaking and so many of the current words are derived from English for isnstance the word for arsenal "vaib" was derived from the English word "weapon." I don't realy have a set system for the phonological shifts and usualy just play with voice and some times I fritise sounds, I often simply lop off syllables that I don't like and change vowels to ones I like better. I know this isn't very realistic but I like the result! _________________________________________________________________ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at