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Re: CHAT: Hello

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <bpjonsson@...>
Date:Friday, September 15, 2006, 12:36
Doug Barr skrev:
> I just joined the list, seems like an interesting place so far. :-)
Welcome! It has been a bit of a lull lately, but I think you will like it even better when it gets up to steam again! It may get hard at times to read *everything* though.
> I'm an amateur linguist,
So are of course most people here, though there are also many who have studied some amount of linguistics (or one or several individual languages, more or less exotic) and there even are some professional linguists. For my part I'm probably best described as a linguistics dropout, I'm afraid.
> no conlang made as yet but there's one or several floating about in > my head -
Please present us with what you have floating around! Discussing them will probably help them develop.
> my problem is that I know too much about too many different languages > and want to fit ALL the cool stuff in one conlang...
Now, doesn't *that* sound familiar! Still most of us work on more than one conlang, sequentially or in parallel, and as far as I'm concerned there is no harm in that, since projects tend to cross- fertilize each others. Also that doesn't stop one from combining *some* cool features that don't 'belong' together from a natlang POV into a single lang.
> My only comment to what I've read so far is about the "perfect" > script - personally, my own opinion - I think Korean Hangeul is about > perfect. My still-gestating conlang will probably be written in that, > if the sounds match...
Or you can design your own script on the same principles. I for my part favor realism over perfection -- in fact I feel my langs tend to be too perfect to be naturalistic, and that tends to be the case with my scripts too, even though I also have a tendency to experiment with just how 'deficient' a script my langs can be written in and still be decipherable, since historically most languages are written with scripts borrowed from other languages for cultural and/or religious reasons, and with a more or less bad fit between the script and the language as a result.
> Anyhow, hello to all! > > Doug > > Glóir nan cairdean as milse na mhil. The praise of friends is sweeter > than honey. (Gaelic proverb)
Ain't that true! -- /BP 8^)> -- Benct Philip Jonsson -- melroch at melroch dot se "Maybe" is a strange word. When mum or dad says it it means "yes", but when my big brothers say it it means "no"! (Philip Jonsson jr, age 7)