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Re: Palatal vs. Palatalized (was Re: Orthography of palatalized consonants)

From:kcasada <kcasada@...>
Date:Sunday, January 16, 2005, 1:07
I love these suggestions! (Since I'm fundamentally lazy, though, I probably
won't eliminate any C's from the initial position.) Many thanks!!

>kcasada wrote: > >> Hmm! I wondered about exactly this, because I wanted to incorporate >> palatalization of initial consonants in my (nameless little proto-) >> conlang as >> an indicator of verbal mood, but wondered what would happen to the >> consonants >> that were already palatal . . . > >Neat idea. Vocalize!! > >bana 'xxxx'---> bjana >bjana 'yyyy' ---> bi(j)ana or bjaina or ibjana > >There still could be homonymic clash between derived /b-j-ana/ and base >/bjana/, though this is usually rare in natlangs I think; the homonymic >forms don't tend to occur in the same environments. > >Or maybe make a rule: no palatalized C in initial position of base >morphemes???