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ConLang Journal

From:Paul Edson <conlang@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 9, 2002, 14:20
I'd be all in favor of a journal, and would be happy to
contribute in whatever meager fashion I can... I have
experience copy editing and in a variety of written-word

A word on Christophe's 'requirements' for submission format:
If .rtf is acceptable, then no-one need worry about learning
a new system! Just allow the muse to inspire you to fill
screen after screen with text in Word or whatever program is
closest to your heart and save as .rtf! I'd also be happy to
provide conversion to .pdf (and likely the space for posting
in that format if necessary) if we have a PostScript
end-product at some point along the line.

Something I've been considering as a potential web-space use
is a sort of linguistic petting zoo: interesting features of
various nat- and con-langs gathered together by topics.
"Complicated Consonant Clusters", "Noun Class Systems",
"Languages with more than a dozen Cases..." that sort of
thing. That might also be an interesting omnibus "column"
for such a journal.

Paul Edson


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