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a Satritain letter (with two translations)

From:lblissett <blissett@...>
Date:Sunday, January 12, 2003, 6:50
othgoeh sh sderva idkime
dshhai iwletwing surmm dyat iyengisthal

keihe shahthale. yolhotdyohmm ke solnnmm yolkovore me wa gah tech iyolwit mm
hkchuighya ahnte sur ke, nao tgaljhke ihujo mm kuithing de wa qlaug de oh,
wa gahda lajglath ker gahke imetat hap.

tpravake iwshtongwit nnthet shmm yengisthal. gah ihkomm apkauda ian, charls,
fechmm korodma shmm volko. pdemm klesh ja, kwlet jih dthtthate akwach kumm
sudresareo iyengis wa koych iklur komm kaudathal mm jlichwoh wa glangwa shmm
kovorjih, kveh kapgte ianche adethsuitooh, nao yeet, kgudijihmm dthtthate
ker gah da ifadow, gahkvehmm boq na sur jih. nyinyet da, gahmm qwyngshjih
ker mm luinonge ikngkak jan itgah dageh.

nao yeet, kaumm dthhai ilatwing shmm dyat iyengisthal ker tyowit adrinare
akwach mm dyatkilikoi ja, adete shmm atlat sh kwillach aechojih da fech

kliudamm othogoeh surmm klewa ioheh.


Report of Sderva of the Dkime Family
Executive Correspondence Director for the English Post

Hail allies. You ennoble me with your presence here and being with you is a
true pleasure for me, for I have so greatly missed this place and these
people, and it is by good fortune that I am here again.

I have come from England with important news. Their chief leader, Charles,
is dead by an initiative of trial. With regards to this turn in power, we
must send more agents to the English capital and make clear to the new
leadership the constitution and quality of our position, which they will
probably find favorable, and we must therefore also take back the agents
that are already there, which represents no disadvantage to us. Apart from
this, it is our estimation that matters will move along as they did.

In addition to this, the executive supercargo of the English post requests
that more foreign legionaries accompany the new workers, because of the
increase in theft by outsiders on our port there.

This concludes the present interval's report.


report of sderva dkime-ish
highest-director communications-ly for the base english-standard-observer-ly

hail alignment-standard-observers. you-ennoble-the I with-the you-positions
here and is be-ing you-with-ly the pleasurable-privilege true-ly for I, and
[past]-is-miss-I great-ly the place this and group this so, and it is
good-fortune that is I here-ly again.

[past]-come-I message-with-ly important of the english-standard-observers.
is dead-ly-the they-leader first-ly, charles, by-the initiative of-the
trial. regarding-the power-cycling new, will-send we agents more-ly to-the
city-command english-ly and make clearly to-the leader-standard-observers
the composition and quality of-the position-we, which [future]-they-consider
probably pleasant-ly, and so also, [future]-retract-the agents that is there
already, is-which-the disadvantage not for we. not including that, is the
effective-guess that the situation [future]-go-ly like [past]-go-ly before.

and-so also, petition-the chief-records-overseer logistics-ly of the base
english-standard-overserver-ly that accompany free-soldiers more-ly the
base-worker-people new, because of the increase of forceful-acquisition
port-we-ly there by outsiders.

resolve-this-the report for-the interval now-ly