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a Doth emManthi -- The Book of Charms

From:Patrick Dunn <tb0pwd1@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 9, 2000, 6:30
This is an example of my new language, Caeth.  Some phonetic notes: ae is
pronounced like the OE aesc.  th is thorn, dh is edh.  <ht> is an
apico-alveolar fricative.  <ch> is /x/.  <sj> is like the <sh> in "cash"
or the OE <sc> in "scip."  <cj> is like the OE <c> in "ciric", or the
English <ch> in "church."  <y> is a rounded /i/.  Accent is on the first
syllable, minus prefixes.

This is a small selection from

a Doth emManthi
the book of.charms

[Note: genitives are formed with a nasal prefix, usually en-, but
depending on the first letter sometimes em- or -eng, or even n-]

33.  cua-encuaht:  y manth narch entuapth:
     three of.threes:  a charm of.make of.rain

a tuapth sae usj l'aencni.  a chyp entuapth sae usj l'aencni
the rain PresInd I call.patient.  The gods of.rain PresInd I call.patient

mui plu sae a aenc le pon-trachsai?  Puti.  Caenc.  Ynclidh usj o.  No.
and who Pres.Ind the call can-resist.agent?  Red.  Blue.  Clear I am. five

Pladiht.  Coch.  Maca, emmaca, emmacaht troth.
balls-of-mud.  Sword.  Water, of.water, of.waters strong.

                Living your life is a task so difficult,
                it has never been attempted before.