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Tenses, moods, aspects!

From:BP Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Sunday, August 13, 2000, 8:01
Friends, conlangers, net.people!

Please help me to come up with as many tenses, moods and aspects --
natlang, whatever-lang or newly imagined as you can.  I'm totally revamping
my lang Funus, having decided that all derivation is actually related to
these categories.

The lang has C-C-C roots and v-v infixes.  The latter indicate TMA.  If the
word has the form CvCCv it is a finite (or in native parlance "moving")
form, and if it is CvCvC it is infinite/"resting" (nouns are participles!)


/BP 8^)>
  B.Philip Jonsson (delete X)
"Truth, Sir, is a cow which will give [skeptics] no more milk,
and so they are gone to milk the bull."
                                    -- Sam. Johnson (no rel. ;)