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Re: English has 4 cases, not 3!

From:jogloran <exponent@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 25, 2001, 14:09
Joe Hill <joe@W...> wrote:
Accusative - Pronouns- 'Me'
Nominative - Pronouns- 'I'
Genitive - 'House's'
Allative - 'Homewards'

It may be old news, but I found it interesting.
Hmm, English doesn't really have cases; the accusative marking in pronouns is just a part of the old declension system that refused to fall off. If you consider English suffixes like -wards as case suffixes, I'm sure there are many other such examples, but I can't think of any, as ... uh ... it's yes! it's the night after Christmas day and I can't think properly. That will do. Imperative


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