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Re: translation -- the duke was smitten

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, July 20, 2001, 23:16
James/Kvasir wrote:
>> 'The Duke was smitten/besotted with the muscular kitchen-boy' > >Hmm... this look like an interesting little exercise... don't think many
>care about what the equivalent is in Fyksian anyway,
WRONG! I care, and I like it.......
>'Hørvigtä pøton im vørelskøsikintä ak de kjerke-poika mueslet.' Fyksian >'Hýrfigtá pýton im výrelskýsinkintá ak de kjerke-poika mueslet.' Isfjordic
(snip nevertheless)
>Note: a "kjerke-poika" would be the Fyksian equivalent of a burger-flipper.
>derogative slang usually. For someone who is stuck at the bottom of the
>pole and won't do anything about it. > >(what da hell is a kitchen-boy really??)
You have it exactly right. Though if industrious and clever, he might rise to chopping lettuce, arranging plates and, over time, maybe even chef........