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Re: Numerical suffixes - How to use them

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Saturday, November 27, 2004, 0:07
On Sun, Nov 21, 2004 at 04:47:06PM -0500, Andrew Patterson wrote:
> At one time chemistry almost invented a system of numerical suffixes to > refer to oxygen states, we would have ferric and ferous ions and cuprous > and cupric ions. The system actually refered to more and less oxidised > states and the actual oxidation state of any given suffix varied according > to which ion it referrred to. The system has now been superseeded by roman > numerals in brackets.
I believe the motivation behind using roman numerals instead of suffixes was the inconsistent meaning of suffixes in many compounds.
> I like the idea of numerical suffixes, however, and thought I'd see if I > could come up with something. Using adjectival, and adjective-like noun > suffixes in English, and using a duodecimal counting system, I came up with > this: > > 1 -al 4 -ite 7 -ian T -den > 2 -ic 5 -ive 8 -ant E -ile > 3 -ous 6 -ilar 9 -ine 0 -ium
Nice. So MgO is 'magnesic oxide', and HNO3 is 'hydronitrive acid'? :-) If only chemists had come up with something consistent like this, then today we'd be talking about 'osmant tetroxide' and 'stibive hexafluoride ions'. ;-)
> >From here larger numbers can be made by piling up the suffixes: > > one dozen -alium > dozen & one -alal > dozen & two -alic > dozen & three -alous, etc > > two dozen -icium > two dozen & one -ical > two dozen & two -icic > two dozen & four -icite > two dozen & ten -icden > > As I said before, this could be used to show chemical oxidation states. It > could also be used to form numerical adjectives with "erg"=power: > > Twelve^3 = ergous > Twelve^6 = ergilar > Twelve^9 = ergine > Twelve^twelve = ergalium, etc.
[...] Cool system. Now I can talk about my collection of Rubik's cube-like puzzles with cool names like sidilar cubes, the sidite tetrahedron, the sidant Skewb Diamond, the sidalium Megaminx, and that sidalant beauty that I shall soon receive in the mail. :-P Won't it be cool if a conlang used these compounding suffixes for its plural nouns and no separate number words? T -- Don't get stuck in a closet---wear yourself out.