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Re: Numerical suffixes - How to use them

From:Andrew Patterson <endipatterson@...>
Date:Saturday, November 27, 2004, 15:54
Cool system. Now I can talk about my collection of Rubik's cube-like
puzzles with cool names like sidilar cubes, the sidite tetrahedron,
the sidant Skewb Diamond, the sidalium Megaminx, and that sidalant
beauty that I shall soon receive in the mail.  :-P

Won't it be cool if a conlang used these compounding suffixes for its
plural nouns and no separate number words?

I'm glad you like it, it's been forming in my mind for a while, but somehow
the suffixes I came up with didn't quite sound right. I know it's not
strictly speaking a conlang as is, but certainly the idea of numerical
suffixes is applicable to a conlang, and I'd be interested to see what you
come up with, Teoh. I guess the suffixes as they are would fit best with an
English-sounding conlang, but different suffixes might sound better with
other systems.

I also look forward to descriptions of your Rubik cube-type puzzles.

As for me, I'm thinking of doing a con-chemistry project. With numerical
prefixes indicating the atomic number(Z). This will have to fit in with the
prefixes already used to indicate how many there are of something there is,
eg "dioxide" = 2 oxygens so they will have to be different. EUPAC already
have a system, but some of the prefixes are the same. Somehow several
Turkish numbers sound good here: Z = 1 = hydrogen = birium, Z = 2 = helium
= ucium /oochium/, Z = 3 = lithium = ikium, etc. I'll post it when I think
of something.


Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>