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The Glyphica Arcana

From:Jefferson Wilson <jeffwilson63@...>
Date:Thursday, December 15, 2005, 4:47
My current conlang project is The Glyphica Arcana
This is a completely written (no verbal form) ideographic
language intended for decorations, ceremonial and magical
inscriptions, and the like.

Recently I've completely redone the grammar of the script, and I
hope to write full instructions on how everything is used
shortly.  Right now I'm (re-)translating the Babel text.
(Translations done since the grammar update have symbol links and
tooltip translations.)  My biggest problem right now is figuring
out how to distinguish elements in phrases from elements in the
main sentence.  Since the language marks whether an element is
subject, direct object, or indirect object, I've dispensed with
active/passive/etc. voice.  Any opinions on this?

Any and all comments and feedback are welcome.

(I think my my translation of the One Ring couplet from _The Lord
of the Ring_ is particularly nice.  You can find it at the very
end of the above page.)



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