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Re: Tonal Languages taken to extremes

From:laokou <laokou@...>
Date:Thursday, September 27, 2001, 22:26
From: "Yoon Ha Lee"

> annyeong (I hope no one's offended by the informal mode) > hasta luego > sayonara
For me, "sayonara" is really a "good-BYE". You say this to neighbors if you're moving out of a neighborhood, to classmates when you change schools, to anyone if you're going overseas for a while, etc. In the sense of "hasta luego", I'd opt for "jya ne" or "mata ne". PS I'm not offended by the informal approach of the Korean, though it did seem a couple syllables short of what I'm accustomed to hearing (I speak no Korean, but isn't there a "-seyo" somewhere in the polite form?). Does Korean make the same kind of distinction as the Japanese? Kou


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