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Re: Voice, Mood, and Tense

From:Paul Bennett <pbennett@...>
Date:Friday, June 25, 1999, 14:03
On 23 Jun 99, at 14:30, Barry Garcia wrote:

[In Tagalog...]<FontFamily><param>Arial Greek</param>

<color><param>7F00,0000,0000</param><FontFamily><param>Arial</param>> Verbs are conjugated according to aspect (as my Tagalog

> teacher said it: completed, continuing, contemplated).
</color>Of course! I've been wondering what the _-e"-_ tenses in Wenetaic actually mean, and now I know! I have a regular set of "quasidirectionals", which fit into all affixes, and there was a nasty hole formed by "obscure" past and future. The infix -e"- is usually translated in the grammar as "obscure", in pairing with -u- "apparent", but they don't seem to readily fit any notion of time. The senses of both "archaic" and "legendary" are already taken care of (the legendary future, is "prophetic", I guess), but _-e"-_ would otherwise have been a candidate for either. I already have "compete" and "continuing" expressed via root mutations. "Contemplative" is a very worthy form, and shall be inserted into the hole as soon as I get home. --- Pb Phokep makhe "contemplative" atap!