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From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Sunday, March 26, 2000, 7:16
> From: andrew <hobbit@...> > Subject: Re: CHAT: Return of the Sal (was CHAT: Re: Zed) > > Am 03/21 17:37 Nik Taylor yscrifef: > > > Interesting. Instead of color words, then, they could perhaps have > > words for shades of grey. But night-vision isn't incompatible with > > color-vision, cats can see color (altho I seem to recall that they can't > > see red) > > > I had based it originally on canine vision which is deficient of > receptors in the eye that interpret colour - a genetic feature that is > found in some humans. A cat's spectrum would suit these creatures more. > I should find out more about cat's vision. I wonder if they would see > further into blue than humans do...
I read somewhere that cats see more pastel-ish. Not sure what exactly that means or how true it is (and it's rather late to look it up...)
> From: And Rosta <a.rosta@...> > Subject: CHAT: RE: halation (was: Re: Japanese English) > > > But recourse to an English dictionary will tell you that halation is an > > English word formed from 'halo'; it means: > > "a blurring in a photograph by reflection & dispersion of light; a
> > area around a bright spot on a florescent screen." > > I know that. But English permits homonyms, and I can't see anything
> about _halation_ 'breathing'. Anyway, I guess Roger meant it is erroneous > because vanishingly rarely used, rather than, as I first thought, that > there is something intrinsically malformed about it.
I had at first hearing dissected it as heal/hale + -ation. What was the American retranslation?
> It is possible that this simply an irregular spelling, and indeed an > irregular pronunciation, which does happen with vocab borrowed into ModE,
> not normally. But I was hoping that one of our many pedants and
> would know whether the spelling or pronunciation is irregular; it wouldn't
> if the word were from Greek (which I believe it not to be, but can't check > right now). If the spelling merely followed the pronunciation, then it
> to be spelt <sk>.
My dictionary has schism < ME _(s)cisme_ < OF < LL _schisma_ < Gr _skhisma_, from _skhizein_...
> From: Padraic Brown <pbrown@...> > Subject: Re: CHAT: Southern word > > On Thu, 25 Mar 100, John Cowan wrote: > > >For a while the two were sold side by side (from different gas > >pumps), and you still hear people asking for "unleaded" gasoline, > >although it is now all unleaded. > > I believe the pumps are still marked "unleaded". A bit anachronistic, > but perhaps to avoid confusion with "diesel" or "aviation fuel".
Generally gas stations now deal in "regular unleaded" and special (more costly) varieties such as "premium unleaded", "super unleaded", etc., which get abbreviated to 'unleaded', 'premium', 'super', etc. ("regular" still meaning "leaded" for most people...) *Muke! __________________________________________ NetZero - Defenders of the Free World Get your FREE Internet Access and Email at