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Another stab at the vocalic nightmare

From:Michael David Martin <mdmartin@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 18, 2002, 0:01
    OK, after some more tips and advice, I have for the group's
consideration another try at the vowels of my conlang:

Letter     SAMPA    Southern Californian English Example
i              /i/                seen
e             /E/               sent
a             /A/              sought
u             /u/               suit
ä             /@/              sun
ei             /eI/              sane
ou           /OU/            soak
ai             /AI/             sight
oi             /OI/             soil
au             /aU/           sound

    Unless anyone thinks there is a glaring problem with the above scheme I
think I'm ready to call this the "final draft" and move on to the next step
of how words are put together.
    So far I have come up with a simple stress rule of:
        First syllable on two-syllable words.
        Second syllable on words of three or more syllables.
    Word structure is (V)CV(C). Hopefully I'm representing that correctly.

Here are a few words I've come up with, but I haven't come up with a meaning
for them yet. Perhaps you could tell me what they suggest to you?


    As always, thanks for taking the time to read my posts. I appreciate all
the help.

Michael David Martin, Master Mason
Temecula/Catalina Island Lodge #524
Free & Accepted Masons of California