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Re: Digraph

From:Mark Hutchinson <hutchies@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 3, 2001, 6:08
>Which is vaguely Welsh? > >The Iéraith example could well be 100% Welsh orthography, except for >the >acute accent. But the _Gh_ and, especially, the _mp_ of Khâche' is >distinctly un-Welsh; and the use of _y_ and _k_ in Elé is not Welsh, >of >course.
Ah. Umm... I think I may have phrased the question a little wrong. Although Iéraith is the 'Welsh-style' language, it's Elé I want the digraph for. I wanted a really good-looking one, and in my opinion Welsh has one of the most beautiful orthographies around. Thanks for the help. 'hutchies' Andalath-oi i-phailén! [Iéraith] Ghe'o mpodag pa' che'! [Khâche'] Yeses kéthes! [Elé] (In case you were wondering, the Elé phrase 'Yeses kéthes' means 'May you be with joy', and is the usual informal farewell. A more formal farewell is 'Lasinùré kéthêià ssaiá'- 'May blessings fall upon you like soft autumn rain', and the most formal is 'Tiàté sséthàs hessànàith iadd kelàdes'- 'May the waterfalls ever cast their rainbows on you'.) (If you want to know about the other two, I'll be happy to tell you :-) ) Get Sofcom Mail for free! __________________________________________ Sent by Sofcom Mail - The world's coolest and safest FREE email service.