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Re: Digraph

From:Raymond Brown <ray.brown@...>
Date:Saturday, March 31, 2001, 16:55
At 11:10 pm -0800 30/3/01, Mark Hutchinson wrote:
>Can anyone suggest a good digraph to represent /Z/ (as in pleaSure)? >I need one that looks vaguely Welsh... >Thanks > >'hutchies' > >Andalath-oi i-phailén! [Iéraith] >Ghe'o mpodag pa' che'! [Khâche'] >Yeses kéthes! [Elé]
Which is vaguely Welsh? The Iéraith example could well be 100% Welsh orthography, except for the acute accent. But the _Gh_ and, especially, the _mp_ of Khâche' is distinctly un-Welsh; and the use of _y_ and _k_ in Elé is not Welsh, of course. Now, if you want it to be as Welsh as possible, then it's difficult. Welsh has no /z/ or, indeed, [z] and certainly no /Z/. It does have [S] which is spelled {si} before a vowel, e.g. siwgr (sugar). It was once [sj] in north Wales, but is these bilingual days, I think the English [S] is now fairly general; but, arguably, it can be regarded phonemically as /sj/. If all three examples are regarded as demonstrations of "vaguely Welsh", then I see nothing wrong with {zh} = /Z/. Certainly the Elé example could pass for Breton ( the Khâche' example couldn't) and Breton does have {zh} (tho not for /Z/, which it spells as {j} :) Ray. ========================================= A mind which thinks at its own expense will always interfere with language. [J.G. Hamann 1760] =========================================