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ConScript Unicode Registry ( x: TECH: Unicode 5.1)

From:Nomad of Norad -- David C Hall <nomad-conlang@...>
Date:Friday, April 11, 2008, 3:56
Henrik Theiling wrote:
 > Hi!
 > Rebecca Bettencourt writes:
 > ....
 >> What I don't get is why they're perfectly fine accepting domino and
 >> mahjong tiles for encoding, but won't accept Klingon (or any other
 >> recently devised script) for encoding. ...
 > They did consider it thoroughly, but found that most people (read:
 > humans) use the Latin alphabet instead of the native Klingon.  (Fonts
 > do exist, of course.)
 > Esperanto letters are very well included as precomposed characters.
 > I hope it's only a matter of time when important Conlangs do get their
 > place.
 > Or maybe one should ask for reservation for a (large) area
 > specifically for conlangs so that we had a way around using the
 > private use areas, which are technically not for interchanging text.
 > This way, there would be an official place where we could then
 > semi-officially be secondary script registrar.
 > This might be potential work for your Language Creation Society, I
 > think. :-)  I just asked Micheal (Everson) what he thinks the
 > chances would be.
 > **Henrik

Actually, didn't they /already/ reserve a large part of Unicode space
for conlang use?

(Copying and pasting from the page...)


ConScript Unicode Registry
  	The purpose of the ConScript Unicode Registry (CSUR) is to coordinate
the assignment of blocks out of the Unicode Private Use Area (E000-F8FF
and 000F0000-0010FFFF) to constructed/artificial scripts, including
scripts for constructed/artificial languages.
  	The Registry is the joint project of John Cowan and Michael Everson.
John originated the Registry and did most of the work of collecting
information and writing preliminary proposals; Michael has been
reviewing and revising these proposals into final registrations. This is
a volunteer effort to maintain a Registry of scripts and the codes
assigned to them. Information on each script will be available from this
  	Final registrations are not changed (though they may be enlarged;
research into the work of J. R. R. Tolkien, for example, may yield
additional Tengwar or Cirth characters).
  	What is Unicode? It's a character code standard (also known as
ISO/IEC 10646) which is intended to provide character codes for, in
principle, all the world's writing systems. Currently, about many
scripts have been encoded, with more expected (see the Unicode roadmaps
for the current and forecast states).
  	A range of 6400 characters has been reserved for "private use"; these
codes will never be given standard values, and can be used by anyone for
any purpose. In addition, 131,072 additional codes outside the 16-bit
codespace, and encoded with two consecutive 16-bit codes (from a
reserved area) are also available for private use. Between these two
areas, there are more than enough character slots (called codepoints)
available for all the constructed scripts ever thought of, without
stepping on each others' toes.
  	An explanation of how to propose character names in Unicode is
available. Additional information on how to write a script registration
document and proposing it for inclusion here will be provided; in the
meantime, examine the existing documents, especially the Tengwar
proposal, which tracks very closely the style of the Unicode Standard.
  	The registration process entails 1) the posting of preliminary
proposals for comment, and 2) the final registration of a script.
  	Version 2.0 differs from Version 1.0 in that a thorough review is
being undertaken of those registrations (now called "preliminary
proposals"); the revision of 1997-01-22 made changes, major and minor,
in many of the preliminary proposals, and further investigation may
yield further changes before final registration.
  	Mapping tables between Versions 1.0 and 2.0 will be made available
for each script as it reaches the final registration stage.
Implementation of unfinalized proposals should be undertaken with care.
  	The following scripts have currently been assigned to blocks
(consecutive runs of codepoints).


Looks like what Henrik Theiling was suggesting we create already exists!  :D

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