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Re: Introducing Idino: La Lingvo Inturnacia por la duduk unua cuntjaro!

From:Stephen DeGrace <stevedegrace@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 4, 2002, 5:40
--- In conlang@y..., Garrett Jones <alkaline@A...>
> > - Redundancies removed, more dependence on context > > introduced. For example, Esperanto has two
> > "fi-", "morally contemptible" and "-in", "female". > > Idino combines these concepts in an obvious and > > common-sense way into the single suffix "-in".
> > produces an enormous economy of expression that > > Idinists will greatly appreciate. For example,
> > is man, and "virino" is "woman", and depending on > > context can _also_ mean "slut", or "whore"! As was > > mentioned previously, this makes invective > > _enormously_ economical in Idino. To insult
> > patrino (mother), you merely have to mention the > > virino - context sorts it all out! Sinixorino (by
> > way, did we menton that j is being replaced with > > i-breve?) can take on whole new levels of
> > Heh i'm not sure how many others will catch this,
but i noticed the name...
> derived from "ido"? (the most famous esperanto
derivative...) id-in-o =
> "morally contemptable ido". the word 'ido' actually
means 'offspring', so
> 'idino' could be also "daughter" or "morally
contemptible offspring". Wow, that's a pretty amazing coincidnce, huh! Stephen <g> ______________________________________________________________________ Movies, Music, Sports, Games!