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congrammar update

Date:Tuesday, July 25, 2000, 11:02
Hi, all.
i'm currently experimenting with tunu some topical stuff that i couldn't
successfully design till now. it's a mix of japanese/french topical and
indonesian posessif -nya tricks.

i also use topical construction to avoid the verbal
passive form like in colloquial french "l'anglais on l'apprend à l'école"
instead of formal "l'anglais est appris/enseigné à l'école".

apart from that, tunu remains all SVO, noun-adjective and head-tail.
full updated grammar available at

(please pardon my conlangers' list which is really out of date.
i plan to browse conlangers' new pages, delve into their gems and update
my list in the 2nd week of august.)

examples of new tunu syntax :

TOP : topic
S : subject
O : object
SUB : start of subclause to noun ("who", "that", "which")
POS : possessive "its", "his", "her" etc.
RES : resumptive ("the latter")

suba mai neju
"house of man"
the man's house

neju suba-n
man house-POS
"man his house"
the man's house

neju a-n jika suba i-n nali lono-n
man TOP-S inhabit house SUB-S long roof-POS
"man he lives in house that long its roof"
the man lives in a house with a long roof

suba i neju jika-n ia-n nali lono-n
house SUB man inhabit-O RES-S long roof-POS
"house it man inhabit-it it long roof-its"
the house where the man lives has a long roof