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Re: restricted semantics language

Date:Thursday, June 5, 2008, 3:18
> [] On Behalf Of David McCann
> > i wonder if anyone has got any sources/ideas to a priori > languages where the > > main feature is a highly restricted semantics, say > languages that are > > constructed around a set of sememes which are meant to be > primitives out of > > which many possible meanings can be generated. i have read about > > wierzbicka's natural semantic metalanguage and have > something similar in > > mind, but without the academic approach and with a larger > corpus with > > perhaps hundreds of primitives. > > An interesting attempt at an auxiliary language of that type > was Kenneth > Searight's Sona, with just 375 roots. You can download his book
I have an oligosynthetic loglang that I've been working on. I'm still not sure how many simple primes I'll have but I'm ultimately working on as few as I can possibly get. The biggest obstacle right now is that I'm attempting to create a system of phonosemantics to underly the basic morphemes.