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Re: restricted semantics language

Date:Thursday, June 19, 2008, 2:46
> [] On Behalf Of Larry Sulky
> Cool! If /n/ is supposed to assimilate to the following
phoneme then
> maybe it shouldn't be an initial. Also, if /j/ and /w/ can be
> (as in <ai> and <aw>?, then maybe they shouldn't be initials.
I'm just
> sayin'.
SSM isn't a big priority. This syllable structure is much like that of Chinese or Japanese so I figure it's good enough even if the segregation isn't 100% marked. Dropping the diphthongs or some of the initials will only reduce the number of possible syllables, something that's already much lower than I'd like. Morphology really is a fairly low priority here. It's supposed to be an experiment in oligosynthetic vocabulary, and predicate logic.