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Re: restricted semantics language

Date:Wednesday, June 18, 2008, 19:50
> [] On Behalf Of Larry Sulky
> > What I have now are > > > > Initials: / j x h k d_Z t_S r\ l z s d t n w f b p m
> > > > Finals: / i e a o u ai au in en an on un / > > > > Disallowed: /ji/ and /wu/ > > > > Dana, if you replaced final /n/ with final /N/ you could have
> Wouldn't that be great?!!? > > And don't try to tell me that /n/ and /N/ are too close, young
man; if
> folks can distinguish /d b z/ from /t p s/, they can
distinguish /n/
> from /N/!
Actually /n/ is [n] [m] [N] or any other nasal consonant. It's intended to assimilate with whatever follows so a word like "hanpi" would actually be spoken [xampi]. (the /h/ was a mistake. I haven't yet decided between [x] or [h] for <h>) I also left off [0] as an initial. There are a few V(n) grammatical markers. Normally I wouldn't worry too much about something like SSM, but the use of just about every possible combination, and the lack of POS markers makes parsing a bigger issue. I am thinking about adding some consonant+glide combinations for initials. Maybe /gw kw/ and /bj pj/ for a start.


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