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Re: restricted semantics language

From:Nils Schäffer <nils.schaeffer@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 4, 2008, 11:44
> > John Clifford gave a talk on conlangs of this type to the first Language > Creation Conference; I think the video is online. >
i watched this video a while ago. i think the languages he mentioned were toki pona, aUI, esperanto and lojban of course. especially toki pona and aUi seem to have been constructed with a set of primitives that is as small as possible. but i suppose the dictionaries which are to be written around this will either get full of ambiguities (which for toki pona surely was intended so) or vast and hard to manage, and the compounds will get long and/or full of metaphors (aUI: "nose" is kEmOz "up-matter-quality-feeling-part"). the great question to me is how to define the set of primitives without simply translate some words which seem useful to me (some numbers, colors, animals...). I want to do something like this, but I am not good at defining words with
> her primitives. > I hope to build a language from her primitives, from the bottom up, rather > than top-down, the way natlang definitions are done.
but that's the point! it should be possible to take any natlang expressions and try to 'decompose' them into primitives through definition, so that they are embedded in whole sentences. in this way some semantic relations between the primitives should be established as a byproduct. any categories or classes can be applied afterwards to finally construct a morphosyntax around it. is there perhaps someone who has already tried this approach? i have tried a little for myself, but i came to the point, that it would take too much time and effort to run such a project on one's own. nils


Nils Schäffer <nils.schaeffer@...>