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Re: Romance or Romanic?

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 10, 1999, 1:40 writes:
>Does anyone know a real reason why people think Spanish is easier to >learn than, say, French or Italian? Have any of you noticed in your >communities a persistent mindset that causes people to think French is >incredibly difficult? Barely anyone at my high school takes it because >they all say Spanish is so much easier, which makes it very difficult to >find a class to sign up for. > >Nicole
Well here not many people take French because with Spanish: A. its a little easier to pronounce (not that french is all that hard....) B. It's more useful here C. There are communities here where it would come in handy D. You have easier access to native speakers, so you can get practice in. I never heard anyone say that French is a hard language. I guess it may be because people see French as being more formal than Spanish, so the idea of the idea of it being formal leads people to think it's difficult. ____________________________________________________________________ "Raw to the floor like reservoir dogs" - A.V. Helden ____________________________________________________________________