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Re: OT: School systems

From:Tristan <kesuari@...>
Date:Sunday, April 13, 2003, 0:31
On Sun, 2003-04-13 at 08:39, Garth Wallace wrote:
> daniel andreasson wrote: > > Garth Wallace wrote: > > > > > >>Where I come from, junior high is two years, and middle school comes > >>right before that. Kindergarten (grade 0) through 3rd grade are > >>elementary school, 4th through 6th grade are middle school, 7th and 8th > >>are junior high, and 9th through 12th are high school. > > > > > > Just to clear up the Swedish school system: > > > > Age 7-9 : lågstadiet 'low stadium' > > 10-12 : mellanstadiet 'middle stadium' > > 13-15 : högstadiet 'high stadium' i.e. approx. junior high > > 16-18 : gymnasiet, which is approx. like high school
In Victoria, we have 3-year old Kinder/Pre-school: not a part of school. Entirely optional. More like playgroup without parents around. I include it only because of the clash with American kinder. 4-year old Kinder/Pre-school: as above. Grade Prep (4 or 5 yrs) to grade six/year six (10/11 yrs): primary school. Year seven (11/12 yrs) to year twelve (17/18 yrs): secondary school, high school, secondary college (all synonymous). The last two years are the VCE years and are optional, but most people go.
> > You graduate in June so half of the people have turned 19 > > by then. And it's possible to start school at age 6. And > > that's about it.
Our years do the sensible thing of co-inciding with the calendar year, but you still get some people 17 and some 18 when they finish. One graduates from university, not from high school.
> > University is of course free. > > You're saying that just to make me jealous, aren't you? I'm still paying > off my blasted student loans.
No doubt. I'm going to have to find a country that doesn't have tax agreements with Australia and move there. Any good suggestions? (I have a strong suspicion the US don't; my Aunt lived there until last year, and has only begun paying back her HECS[2].) (We pay for university through the tax system. I incurred a ~$5000 tax debt on 1 April, though I don't have to pay it back till I can afford to, based on the Government's idea of afford, and it doesn't incur interest... (But I'll incur another ~$5000 on the 1 September, 1 April 2004, 1 September 2004, and so on for four years).) Alternatively, I could just be dole[3] bludger[4] for the rest of my life, and never pay tax let alone HECS :) [2]: Being the Higher Education Contribution Scheme. [3]: Money the government gives to people unemployed. [4]: being lazy; living off another's income Tristan.