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Re: CHAT: French expressions in English (Re: OT CHAT:Asperger'ssyndrome)

From:Patrick Dunn <tb0pwd1@...>
Date:Saturday, June 24, 2000, 5:05
On Sat, 24 Jun 2000, Christophe Grandsire wrote:

> At 22:32 23/06/00 -0500, you wrote: > >No one mentioned "toot sweet," which is, of course, an Anglification of > >"tout a suite." Acute over the a, of course. > > > > Wouldn't it be the French expression "à tout de suite"? 'tout à suite' > doesn't exist in French, and 'toot sweet' maps nicely with the > pronunciation of "tout de suite".
You're absolutely right. I've only been studying french for about two weeks.