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[Celticonlang] Some new Brithenig words? Narbonosc help?

From:andrew <hobbit@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 23, 2001, 2:52
Am 05/21 22:52  Padraic Brown yscrifef:
> How do these look? >
In Brithenig I presume you mean?
> biber < L. bibere (drink)
In the Lexicon it's bifer
> cas < L. caseus (cheese)
This is also in the lexicon.
> ciasser < OF chasser (chase)
Keither, which means 'to catch, chase or capture'.
> ffi^ < OF/L fi (fie)
The circumflex isn't necessary. I found that it comes from Latin fimus/fimum - which I won't translate. :)
> fol < OF fol (fool, clown)
The Brithenig homepage has ffol, but my harddrive version has ffoll.
> lebrin < L leporinus (hare)
lebur < L leporem would make more sense. In Welsh/Cornish I found the native word derived from 'long-handled', but the closest I could come to this was 'origlun'.
> sabat = OF savate, It ciabatta, Sp zapato (shoe)
That or safat.
> sarcir < L sarcire (fix, repair) >
???? I'm puzzled why you are adopting a word that otherwise doesn't seem to have survived into modern Romance. Ffissar or ribarar would do just as well. - andrew. -- Andrew Smith, Intheologus Your voice has been heard.


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