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Creative spelling scheme

From:Morgan Palaeo Associates <morganpalaeo@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 10, 2001, 3:16
As an intellectual challenge, I've created an English spelling
scheme that works with my dialect.

It is not intended to be 100% phonetic, or even unambiguous. It is
mostly so (compared to the status quo), but with enough exceptions to
make it interesting and give it character.

An apostrophe ' will denote a diacritic on the previous letter.
Examples will be given as English word followed by reformed (Englhec)


Of the five vowels, all except 'i' may carry a diacritic.
Long vowels are a digraph ending in 'o'. This may change quality.
Some vowels (e'o, u'o) are always spelt as though they were long. *
For miscellaneous vowels, round off to nearest listed vowel.

* except in vowel clusters and diphthongs.

   "bat"    = bat      "bet"    = ba't
   "bad"    = baod     "bird"   = bu'od
   "bit"    = bet      "beat"   = beot
   "bottle" = bottl    "book"   = bo'k
   "bored"  = bood     "school" = sko'ol
   "bud"    = bud      (schwa)  = i
   "bard"   = buod     "boot"   = be'ot

Vowel clusters and diphthongs

In vowel clusters, where two vowels are distinctly pronounced with an
implicit light consonant between them, the length of the vowels are
not indicated (i.e. the 'o' in a digraph is dropped).

In diphthongs, length is not indicated and all diacritics are dropped.
It is agreed that "oh" = ie and "eye" = ue.


* If the final syllable ends with a vowel and is stressed, a 'h' is
  placed after it.
* If a _single_ consonant follows a stressed vowel, the consonant is
* If two or more consonants follow a stressed vowel, regardless of
  which syllable the consonants are part of, a 'h' follows the

Monosyllablic words are not considered stressed.


   Main deviations from English:

   "sh" = c     "th" (unvoiced) = hs
   "ch" = tc    "th" (voiced)   = hz
   "j"  = dj


   "Adrian Paul Morgan" = Aedrhein Po'ol Mo'oggin
   "T-shirt"            = teoccu'ot
   "go away"            = gie iwaeh
   "father"             = fuohzhi
   "sarsaparilla"       = suozphira'lli
   "America"            = Ima'reki
   "Australia"          = Istraellei
   "Jesus Christ"       = Djeozziz Kruest

WEB.       | Hei and hzai ue luek te'o kreaett i fye'o uillindz ov sannite
NETYP.COM/ | wehzenn hzi vuost seo ov absu'oddite wetc ez mue muend.
MEMBER/    | Uofthi o'ol, ye'o kuont sivuevv az in aet fo't tool
DRAGON/    | flec eotteng draggin ef ye'ov got nie konsha'pt ov reallite.