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OT: Apologies (was Re: OT: NATLANG: Romanian orthography question)

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Thursday, November 27, 2003, 8:11
Adam Walker scripsit:

> I enjoied it very much. I had no idea that Romanian > (even when written in Cirilic0 had so many N-tildes > and barred-D's. It is a truely peculiar orthography.
Mark J. Reed scripsit:
> Didn't quite make it through, no doubt due to our friendly neighborhood > mailing list server.
I'm deadly sorry for the mess I've caused by sending a UTF-8 message to the List. It seems it is even more cruel to Cyrillics than it was to the Georgian ;) I give up sending anything Unicoded to our dear List. I'll resend the Ancient Romanian message here in 1251 (Win Cyr), and/or to the Romconlang in UTF-8 (Yahoo is more friendly to encodings), if it is necessary.
> How can k + hard sign be a complete word?
It is indeed a yer (tvërdyj znak). I think it was used the same way it does in Bulgarian: to denote [7]. JS Bangs scripsit:
> In any case, here's the text in ASCII approximating > Romanian spelling conventions, followed by my attempted translation:
I've left the book at home. It gives the text in modern Latin spelling too, and the translation. If you want, I'll send it later when I come back home. With my best regards, -- Yitzik


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