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Re: la strella noua (was: Re: Pronouncing "Boreanesia")

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 31, 2000, 23:34
>Oh come on. You were the one who solved it, who put me >on the right track. Barry's credit should go to you, >not me.
Odd, i cant seem to find Irina's message in my mailbox where she figured it out, but as Daniel said, it goes to her then :). Perhaps every so often i'll do something in my sig as I just did to see who figures out out (i might go for a different pattern next time, just so it's not so easy ;)) they key was: if you notice in most of the "words" below, there are three letters. So, there are three lines of text hidden in it. So, all of the first letters in each of the "words" belongs on line one, the second, line two, the third, line three. However, the second line was shorter than the first and third, so the last two "words" have letters from the first and third lines. _____________________________________________________ L A S T R E L L A G R A N D Lem alo smu tue rnm edo lon lnt aòa nuñ òog ua as!