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Re: Lake, underwater version

From:Ian Maxwell <ian_maxwell@...>
Date:Friday, May 31, 2002, 0:07
> I just thought of something. Underwater the Lake people could > speak a > language that involves nothing but non-pulmonic sounds: ejectives and > implosives, as well as clicks. Or buccal speech. Just anything > that allows > the glottis to seal off the lungs underwater.
Actually, I'd thought of doing something similar for a sentient water- dwelling species (not amphibious, water only). I was going to have the mouth be used for eating and speech, the gills for breathing, so all the sounds would have to be non-pulmonic. Was only toying with this idea, though; hadn't really sat down and done anything with it, mainly because I'm lately focusing on Really Interesting Scripts, and it would be hard to have anything more interesting than "one sound = one phoneme" with that sort of language.