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CHAT: R: Re: R: Re: OT CHAT: Asperger's syndrome

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Saturday, June 24, 2000, 19:14
Nik wrote:

> Mangiat wrote: > > but now I'm an average reserved boy. > > Boy? Oops, I'd been assuming Luca was a feminine name. I'm embarrassed > now. :-/
No problem... it's the lone Italian proper name with that ending to be masculine, I'm qite abitued to such errors by foreigners!
> > I find difficult to talk to foreigners > > Because of accent or what?
Ooops! I wanted to say -strangers-. The problem is that in Italian stranger = forestiero and foreigner = straniero, so I must have made a cross over.
> > No, I could stay days with my *best* friends > > Hmm, I need solitary time every few hours, especially being outside. In > fact, after a lot of socializing, I absolutely *must* go for a walk > outside, which is pretty easy since I usually have to walk home. :-)
I mean really *best* friends... how many are they, two, three, surely not more than four : )
> > I still have a tendency, when walking on a sidewalk, to want to > alternate between crossing the crack with my right foot and crossing it > with my left foot. Not so much now, but when I was younger it was > practically essential.
Oh, yes, even that! Luca. BTW, I'm watching Italia-Romania. Hehe, you're English, arent you? ; )
> > so when you see > > them asking to repeat the game you proposed or coming to you smiling and > > making you feel important, well, you *really* feel important. > > I guess it's that, to use an old cliché, actions speak louder than > words. > > Compliments are another thing that are hard for me to accept, largely > due to an inferiority complex. I know it's irrational, but I often feel > like people only think I'm smart, that I'm a fraud, that I have no real > talent. So, when people compliment me, tell me I did a good job at > something, I tend to think they're just being polite, that they don't > really mean it.