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Re: consturcted language lists

From:Carlos Eugenio Thompson (EDC) <edccet@...>
Date:Friday, April 14, 2000, 21:33
NGL stands for New Generation Language ans it is a cöoperative effort to
bild a language focusing in expresivity, reather than ease or interlinguism.
It has it's own list: and messages, as well as
previous messages posted in Conlang-L, are mirrowed in a moderated Usenet
group: alt.language.artificial.ngl

(hope this is going text... I have to use this #$% Outlook at office)

  Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón
  Soporte Datacom
  Ericsson de Colombia ///

> -----Mensaje original----- > De: Roger Mills [SMTP:Rfmilly@AOL.COM] > Enviado el: Viernes 14 de Abril de 2000 16:11 > Para: CONLANG@LISTSERV.BROWN.EDU > Asunto: Re: consturcted language lists > > Have I missed something, or just a memory lapse--- what is NGL? Roger. > > As good a place as any to mention this: I'll be off-line for the next few > days while I make the semi-annual move of body, cats & impedimenta from > Florida to Michigan. There will be a new e-mail address too. The AOL > address > will still work until further notice.