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Re: USAGE: German revised spellings

From:Anton Sherwood <antons@...>
Date:Thursday, December 24, 1998, 9:38
Rearranging my books, I came upon a year-old issue of The Economist,
listing some events scheduled for 1998 - and one of them was:
        August - Eight countries whose people (or many of them) speak German
        begin a seven-year bid to reform German spelling.  Will anyone spot
        the difference?

Eight, hm?  Three obvious, plus Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Italy?,
Poland?, Czechland?

> James Campbell wrote: > > Evidently, the German spellings are being revised. Who by, why, when, how > > etc?
John Cowan wrote:
> Who: the governments of the F.R., Switzerland, and Austria.
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