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Re: Using Diacritics

From:Stone Gordonssen <stonegordonssen@...>
Date:Friday, April 25, 2003, 15:12
> > I just now successfully tried this in WORD2002 to insert the > "s" with >a cedilla used in Turkish. I typed 015E, held down ALT > > and pressed X, and the correct letter appeared. > >You speak about Word2002 (2!), I tried Word2000 (0!) :(
Drat. ALT+X must be part of their more recent effort to expand into supporting more languages.
>Thryomanes reigns! Gentium helps!
Hmm, well, I'd not realized that I'd entered a monarchy by joining CONLANG. In my world, re: alphabets & my conlangs, *I* rule. :) It's only interfacing with the rest of humanity that issues arise. _________________________________________________________________ MSN 8 helps eliminate e-mail viruses. Get 2 months FREE*.