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Re : Re: Conlang T-shirt, was: Re: London Boink: minutes (fwd)

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Date:Monday, October 18, 1999, 20:02
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 18/10/99 11:54:41  , Andrew a =E9crit :

> In Brithenig this phrase would be: > =20 > Gwstr llinghedig serew punad ci, your language should be put here. > =20 > I don't know if such a T-shirt needs every contribution. I would be happ=
> to have the final product as it has been conceived than have it a size > larger to squeeze in Brithenig. I do wonder how this contribution would > look in an Irish font though:) > =20
i agree with Andrew. tunu as of now would be : "tunu tutu maikosa maituma kaka" ("language (of) you have-opportunity have-place here") but i'm honestly not sure this motto is needed either - all the more as it looks and sounds pretty stupid to westerners. T-shirt founders' and best known conlangs' mottos are enough i think. i buy equivalent to 100 euro of them if released regardless of the conlangs printed on them with a minimum of 5 such langs plus english. elvish is welcome in whatever script - this is because i believe tolkienish fashion is to be expected when the movie comes out and is the opportunity for conlanging to let itself be known and respected as another "normal" art. mathias