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Re : Re: Different words for one thing

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Date:Monday, October 18, 1999, 20:02
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 18/10/99 17:55:23  , Matt a =E9crit :

[Irina a =E9crit :]
> >gul - bottom, lowest part of the inside of something > >gulsen - the actual physical bottom > > > >This last one is tricky: the meanings don't seem to be that > >different, but _gulsen_ is only used when you're talking of the > >actual surface down there, not the place where it is. For instance, > >when a bucket goes down a well, it is _gulie_ (at the bottom, all the > >way down) and when a person climbs into the (hopefully dry) well to > >retrieve a lost necklace he is _gulsien_. > =20 > Tokana makes a distinction that's a *bit* like this: _lom_ means > "bottom" in the sense of the underside of something, while _luma_ > means bottom of an interior space, such as the floor of a room > or cave, the inside bottom of a box, the bed of a stream, or the > bottom of the ocean.
japanese does too : ura =3D "other face behind" soko =3D bottom (of sea, botle, bag) and i don't feel there is any link between the two of them... except when i speak english. so what makes english and Tokana unique to me is their common derivation between 2 very different items. ;-) mathias