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Re: abugida vs abjad vs alphabet vs syllabary

From:Kala Tunu <kalatunu@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 29, 2002, 6:36
Dirk Elzinga <Dirk_Elzinga@...>
Subject: Re: abugida vs abjad vs alphabet vs syllabary
>I call this an abugida, rather in the style of what I suppose should >now be called "Dirk's abugida". Each consonant series is associated >with a different vowel type: front, back, or low; there is a *virama* >(vowel-killer).
Cool. I get a type of writing system named after me. <<< Hehe, we only have to spread the term on other lists :-) Dirk's abugida reminds me a bit of the khmer one: there are two series of consonants and each vowel is read differently depending on the series that the consonant is associated to (the series indic aspirated vs. the nonaspirated but some indic aspirated write khmer consonants tha are not aspirated). for instance the first vowel (the short leg to the right) is pronounced [a] with the consonant <k> and [i@] with the aspirated consonant <kh>. the virama makes two rounded vowels i don't know how to sampaize with my keyboard. the khmer system is a pain. i also had an abugida script for Tunu where |m| and |p| with no written vowel are [mu] and [pu], |k| , |N| and [h] are [ka] and [ha], |l|, |n| |tS| and |t| are [li], [ni], [tSi] and [ti]. the vowels stuck on the consonants are small |m|, |N| and |n| for [u], [a] and [i], with a dot on |u| and |i| to make [o] and [e]. free vowels were written as <p>, <k> and <t> with a stroke (for u, a, i) or two strokes (for o, e) underneath. but i never use it: it's too confusing. Mathias