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Re: Can any of your conlangs do this?

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 18, 1999, 16:19
Various authors:
>=20 > Marc Monnier: > Gall, amant de la reine, alla (tour magnanime) > Galamment de l'Ar=E8ne =E0 la tour Magne, =E0 N=EEmes >=20 > Charles Cros: > Par le bois de Djinn, o=F9 s'entasse de l'effroi > Parle, bois du gin ou cent tasses de lait froid >=20 > and a pun: > Quelle est la sainte qui n'a pas besoin de jarreti=E8res? > Sainte S=E9bastienne > Sainte: ses bas se tiennent
Now hear this. I just read in the paper that some guy (an Israeli mathematician, I think) "discovered" a code in the Old Testament... by eliminating all spaces and then grouping the letters (in the original text) to form meaningful phrases, using a computer to keep track of them. You probably heard of something like that some time ago; a guy who took the letters in the Bible, placed in a square and the read it across and down like a crossword puzzle. (Of course he wrote a best-seller on that.) Well, just wanted to tell you... It really deserves no comments, except "Why don't I get such ideas?!" --Pablo Flores