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Can any of your conlangs do this?

From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Monday, May 17, 1999, 20:01
This cute joke, Histoire de pommes, just showed up on sci.lang; can any of
our conlangs do this or similar?  Or perhaps beat it?

Pierre raconte qu'il a mange beaucoup de pommes.
-Combien en as-tu mange? demande Paul.  [How many apples did you eat?]
-Sept.                          [7]
-Tu dis?                        [say what?]
-Je dis sept.                   [I said 7]
-Dix-sept!                      [17!]
-Non, sans dix.                 [no, without the 10]
-Cent dix!                      [110!]
-Non, sans dix!...sept.         [no, without the 10 ... 7]
-Cent dix-sept.                 [117]
-Non, sept, sans dix!           [no, 7, without the 10]
-Sept cent dix!                 [710!]
-Mais non, je dis sept sans dix sept!   [no way, I said 7 without the 17]
-Dix-sept cent dix sept!        [7017!]
-Va, tu me fatigue!             [go away, you're bothering me!]

Of course, it makes absolutely no sense in English: the translation is
just so you know what's being said.  The joke's basis is that dis (said)
and dix (ten) sound alike; as do sans (without) and cent (100).  So "je
dis sept" sounds like "je, dix-sept".