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Re: We Z'te

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Sunday, February 19, 2006, 15:59
>We Z'te can be described in 50 equations . This is the first part : > > >j j j >r j r >r yj y >yr j a >a yj a >ryr j Qa >rjr j Qya
Hm. If those are equations, wouldn't you need to define an equality mark too? "r j r" seems to suggest that j might act as such, but then "j j j" doesn't make much sense. Anyway, then "r yj y" would seem to suggest that "a yj a" means "a j ya", which, combined with "yr j a" gives "ya j yr", which suggests "y" acts as a neutral unit. Then "r j a" and "'ryr j Qa' j 'rr j Qr". "rjr j Qya" makes totally no sense to me thanks to the compounded "j". No, wait, if y is unity we have "r j yy", from which follows "r j y". Argh. I'd anyway expect these sorts of things to begin with something like a = a b = b c = c d = d e = e (etc.) to clearly estabilish how equality is marked. Or, more generally, ANY common primitive operation will need numerous examples in order to show that the pattern works for all units and not just the example provided. John Vertical