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We Z'te

From:Mikul Tuba <mikultuba@...>
Date:Saturday, February 18, 2006, 21:24
The language We Z'te is able to self-define through a series of
equations . This would primarily benefit readers of the language in some
distant future time . I've made several attempts at it , and last night
another , only this time with the assistance of an Art.Intel. device so
maybe it's a bit more logically progressive . even the earlier ones weren't
so bad . one time i tested the first part of the equations on some college
kids and was quite pleased they could solve those first 10 equations in
about 15 minutes .

Lincos is the only other language i know of that tried to do it , and that
as part of the Voyager space project . C.Sagan , for one , has reported the
whole equational set to be most voluminous and except to author , not
humanly translatable . maybe smart aliens will do better with it ,
maybe not .

We Z'te can be described in 50 equations . This is the first part :

j j j
r j r
r yj y
yr j a
a yj a
ryr j Qa
rjr j Qya

These script-letters , jryaQ , are 5 in the total set of 30 characters .
Even as a set of 5 they can still function as a complete language , such as
a clam might have .


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