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Re: We Z'te

From:Mikul Tuba <mikultuba@...>
Date:Monday, February 20, 2006, 20:55
well , it's a cryptic dictionary . the one i usually provide to people is a
mix of english and graphic illustration . the cryptic form is actually a
better representation tho more challenging . it's better because ...hmm ...
how do i say this in english... i'm thinking it's because metaphor is the
root of language , and in this context anything can represent anything ,
and this is a bit of a dilemna . so , anyway , there's is sanely just one
solution , but it not tied to a specific english/we z'te translation .
rather , we have a set of idea-relationships that hold true . by such a
kind truth , anyone can hallucinate freely and still get along ok .

i don't mean at all to represent this puzzle as a test . no one is going to
fail . it's not a game , just meaningful . i hope to learn something , and
so pleased to have found this conlang mind-space .