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pseudo welsh transcription system

From:Barbara Barrett <barbarabarrett@...>
Date:Monday, August 19, 2002, 13:10

I'd appreciate comments, suggestions on the following transcription
system for a pseudo welsh language that sounds as if it'd been mixed a
bit with cornish and irish. IPA/ASCII are in CB so make note;

";" = view next character upside-down,
"." view next pair of characters ligatured.
"^" view next character as superscript to previous character
":" = lengthen previous character.
"@" = back unrounded a
"&" = a visual aid for any form of loop;
      always shown ligatured to next character

Transcription rules;

w is w if it precedes a vowel
w is /u:/ if it follows a vowel
y is /j/ if it precedes a vowel
y is /I/ if alone or follows a vowel

aa = back rounded a /@/
a = fronted a /a/
e = monophthong /e:/
ey = /eI/
ay = /aI/
i = /i/
ii = /i:/
y = /I/ (see above)
o = /;@/
aw = /;c/
ew = /eU/ ie diphthong "o"
oy = /;cI/
aw = /aU/
ia = /i:;@/
 v = /;v/
 u = /U/


most consonants function as they would normally; except k, q, x, z, and
v  (as a consonant) are omitted and are replaced by;
 c = k
cw = q
cs = x
ff = v
ss = z
g and c are always pronounced "hard" (eg God & Cat)
and j always soft (eg Job ie /.dZ/)

other digraphs are
 cc = as scots ch, irish gh, egyptian kh /x/
 ch = as english ch /.tS/
ccl = a voiced welsh LL /.lZ/ although more like /x^l/
 dd = as english th in them /D/
 hw = a voiceless w /;w/
 nh = as english ng /.nj/
 jh = as s in pleasure /Z/
 ll = NOT welsh LL but "dark l" /.~l/
 rh = a voiceless r /;r^o/
 rd = a trilled r /r/
 rr = a "throaty" r /R/
 th = as english th in thin /T/
thl = voiceless welsh LL /.&l/
 sh = as in english sh /S/


Iiffyn raytynh ynhglysh yn thys system dvss meyc yt siim rhaddvr layc
svm sort vff welsh-celtyc lanhgwajh, dvss yt not?

Even writing english in this system does make it seem rather like some
sort of welsh-celtic language, does it not?

"Hwer yss ddi Cwiin Svr Nayt?"
"Shi swymss for hvr plejhvr yn ddi Llawcc vff Thlanedd, may Cynh, wyth
hvr Leydiiss."

"Where is the Queen Sir Knight?"
"She swims for her pleasure in the Lough of Llanedd, my King, with her

So, what do you think of the show so far? (rvbysh! <gryn>)



Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>