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Re: pseudo welsh transcription system

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 20, 2002, 14:13
On Tuesday 20 August 2002 06:31, Barbara Barrett wrote:
> Peter Penned;Clark wrote: > >Bloody brilliant! I love it--although how would you transcribe /&/ (would > > that be /.ae/ in CB?) and /E/? > > Yes that's /.ae/ in CB and /E/ is /E/ (or /;3/ which is a matter of > choice), > for the ash, if I ever get enough reposnses from users of various > platforms I may just decide that if the system font's ash shows up in > all platforms that Æ and æ will be used "straight". I stand ready to be > corrected on this but although I've come accoss languages that > distinguish in minmal pairs /a/ and /@/ I've found not that pair /a/ and > /æ/ in this way - seems to be a matter of accent.
Ok, but how does your pseudo Welsh system transliterate them?
> >Were ieou here uhen I introduced mie pseudo-Irish orthographie? > >Peter > > Alas no. But I'd love to see it ;-) > Barbara
It's not much, really, the url that inspired me was I whipped up a quick python program to make the substitutions, and someone else contributed a perl program. :Peter


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